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Solutions for water purification High quality and reliable materials and components Autonomous watermaker management
Solutions for water purification
Pure technology for pure water
High quality and reliable materials and components
The use of materials such as stainless steel right from the first plant was a winning choice
Autonomous watermaker management
The possibility of autonomy in all circumstances makes the watermaker a product that manages to "make itself"

Experience and passion

Why choose Idromar watermakers

We were born in 1982 when watermakers for nautical use were almost unknown equipment. The great passion for the sea and boats stimulated Vittorio Battino to build the first hobbyist watermaker as his professional training comes from water purification.

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Easy to use

to make the user autonomous in all circumstances


Quick maintenance

a fast and quality service available to the customer



customized solutions according to your needs


Optional for water on board

Idromar has a wide range of options for the water on board. You can have:


We offer support 365 days a year

<<Anyone who buys Idromar does not buy a product but becomes part of a family>> This sentence by Vittorio Battino sums up the philosophy of Idromar which has always put customer satisfaction and tranquility first, offering a quality assistance service.


Specialized centres

Located in many countries of the world



Reachable 24/7


On board

Operations Directly on the boat

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